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Death of Kings is an Atlanta based metal band, specializing in a specific type of music we like to call "EPIC POWER DEATH THRASH."  While combining the best and most brutal elements of these genres, Death of Kings proceeds to rip, thrash, shred, pound, and destroy your eardrums until you're left with no choice but to join in the mayhem!

Use the links below to keep track of EVERYTHING Death of Kings has to offer!

Reverbnation: Check out everything from pictures, videos, press clippings to upcoming shows! Listen to and purchase MP3s from all releases!

Big Cartel (Merch Store): Buy CDs and t-shirts here, have shipped directly to you!

Bandcamp: Listen to all DOK releases and purchase digital albums!

Soundcloud: Stream music online from our latest release!

Songkick: Check out our upcoming shows!

Bands in Town: See when Death of Kings will be coming to your city!

Myspace: It still exists! Check out pictures, videos and songs from Death of Kings here!

Twitter: Keep up to date with what's going on in the life of Death of Kings!

Instagram: If a picture is worth 1000 words, check out the Death of Kings Instagram to see what we're up to!